Bali Indonesia

Written by: Simone Salam. Indonesia adalah salah satu tempat paling ajaib di dunia. Indonesia is a beautiful paradise with a long, rich history and a booming tourist industry. As is often the case with tourist destinations, the social justice issues impacting folks in Indonesia are, typically, hidden from public view. Gender-Based Violence According to Indonesia’s […]


Written by: Simone Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) is known for beautiful beaches, multiculturalism, calypso, soca, and of course, carnival. Also well-known, and often a common topic of conversation when discussing Trinidad, is the high crime and violence rate. What is left out of that discussion are some of the underlying root causes of these issues, […]


Written by: Geeya Patel   Uganda Uganda, a country often referred to as the Pearl of Africa, due to the beautiful landscapes and great experiences with wildlife, experiences that create memories for people traveling from all around the world. There is another Uganda, however, rife with struggles where activists are fighting the state-led LGBT+ discrimination, […]

South Africa

Written by: Anne Symon & Natasha Budhram   While South Africa has been applauded for their progressive constitution, Gender-based violence is still a growing issue. According to the Annual Crime Statistics of 2019/2020, 24,000 South African children are sexually assaulted each year. While national leaders publicly condemn the violence perpetuated against young girls, South Africa […]

Youth & Teens Fellowship

Written by: Anne Symon   Our Teen Fellowship is a virtual and in-person fellowship for girls ages 14-18 years old, with priority given to youth in our partner countries, which include: Brazil, Indonesia, Trinidad & Tobago, South Africa, and Uganda. Applicants must be gender-diverse youth or girls of color with a keen interest in reproductive […]

Family Fund

Written by: Jess Kimball   Families in Need The number of adults in the United States are increasing at a much faster rate than the number of children. Diversity in ethnicity is growing at a faster rate for children in the United States than it is for adults. These changes have implications for our labor […]

Children In Crisis Rapid Response Fund

Written by: Anne Symon   Girls of Color in Crisis One of America’s most vulnerable populations – 60% of children – have been exposed to violence in what is supposed to be their safest communities, at home and in school. Unfortunately, the risk of exposure to violence is even greater for children of color, who […]

Birth Justice Fund

Written by: Catie Buttner   250 Million Women In 2014, the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) estimated that globally, 250 million women live with insufficient reproductive health care. Specifically, birthing persons in the United States are more likely to die from pregnancy complications than 54 other industrialized countries. The CDC has shown that “a […]

The Gender Based Violence Fund (GBV)

Written by: Anne Symon   What is Gender-Based Violence (GBV)? Gender-Based Violence is a general term used to capture any type of violence that is rooted in exploiting unequal power relationships between genders. This can include gender norms and role expectations specific to society as well as situational power imbalances and inequities. Gender-Based Violence can […]