Work with us

Work With Us

  • Join a Team (Programs, Digital Advocacy, Grants, & Development)
  • Lead or Contribute to a Project (Birth Justice, Racial Justice, Policy, & Global Relations)
  • Write for Us (Blog & Article writers, Workshop Developers & Toolkit creation)
  • Train for Us
  • Participate in an Internship
  • Become a Volunteer
  • Join the Board

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Our Board

GFG Board Members meet virtually 4x a year and support the governance, fiduciary management and oversight of GFG.  GFG is always seeking board members who are in the philanthropic, fundraising, donor relations, or Development space. New Board members participate in a give get of 5K per year and contribute to the overall fundraising goals, fundraising advisory support and sustainability efforts of GFG. GFG currently has a Board consisting of 100% persons of color with the majority being female identified. If you or someone you know is interested in joining the board, you can contact us.

Current Board Members

Tammea, United States, Board Chair & President
Olsen Grant, United States, Board Member
Tishawah Bennett, United States, Board Member
Kirwin Gibbs MD, United States, Board Member
Khanyii Dube, South Africa, Board Member
Caitlin Wymers, South Africa, Board Member
Medina Wynne, Trinidad and Tobago, Board Member
Eduarda Dias, Brazil, Board Member
Vitoria Santos, Brazil, Board Member

Advisory Board Members

Stella, Brazil
Natasha, South Africa
Robert Lennon, ESQ., South Africa
Catherine, Trinidad
Currline, Trinidad
Simone, Bali/Indonesia & Trinidad

Internships & Volunteering

Our volunteers and interns are composed almost entirely of young adult girls 18-27 years old, gender-fluid persons, & birthing people of color. We represent the demographic we serve, and are therefore best-positioned to understand the needs of our constituents. As an organization, we are led entirely by young activists, Black women/girls, non-binary, gender-fluid and birthing persons fighting for change in their own communities. We were founded because we acknowledged the present day and historical gaps in the philanthropic system to fund spaces led by BIPOC leaders positioned to respond to grassroot community groups on the ground who are supporting sustainable efforts for girls, gender-fluid youth and birthing persons. Anyone of any identity or age is welcome to volunteer or intern at the organization. Most internships run in 4, 6 and 9 month cycles and volunteers work on short and long term projects based on their interest. If you would like to learn more or sign up please contact us.

Working With GFG

Our group works in various subteams instead of traditional departments. Teams work together on organization projects and to push the mission forward. Teams include community members & youth as advisory leads and GFG representatives. GFG uses a constituency-led approach and engages in weekly circle meetings with our team where we discuss decisions that need to be made and plan as a group. During the week, subteams meet and replicate this model within their work. We seek to build an anti-oppressive workplace that is often a safe haven and breath of fresh air from the toxic spaces many of our colleagues have endured in their careers.  Therefore, we model restitution, restorative and collaborative practices in our daily work. Our teams, composed of our diverse staff, take the lead in decisions and manage projects in partnership with their peers.   We use collaborative cross-groups to manage the work and find this model to be more sustainable rather than the traditional top down hierarchical approach adopted by most corporations and in alignment with white supremist culture. As we grow, we want to ensure we can allow for growth measures that create structure but continue to center equity and shared power practices. We will do this by keeping smaller working cross groups intact that can work on and make decisions about targeted projects and issues and remain collaborative as we scale.  See notices/updates about opportunities to work with us on Idealist and LinkedIn