Become a Global Foundation for Girls Campaign Ambassador!

Written By: Cait Morrone, Global Girls Network Program Officer | Brazil and Trinidad & Tobago

The Global Foundation for Girls (GFG) is an intermediary, advocate, resource provider, and network for community organizations that work with girls, gender-diverse youth, birthing persons of color, and children in crisis worldwide. 

GFG’s vision is to be a catalyst for change; supporting local youth and community organizers to reduce and eliminate threats to children and fight for birth justice. Our mission as a thought-leader on youth crisis support is to protect gender-diverse youth and girls of color; we will advocate, organize, scale our capacity, and advance the movement for them. 

As part of GFG’s model, we seek volunteers to help us expanded the reach of tools, services, campaigns, and from GFG in order to further impact grassroots organizations and communities of color worldwide.

What is a GFG Campaign Ambassador?

A Global Foundation for Girls (GFG) Campaign Ambassador is someone who is passionate to educate others about, advocate for, and raise donations for one of GFG’s 4 funds; Caregiver & Leadership Fund, Children in Crisis Fund, Gender-Based Violence Fund, and/or Birth Justice Fund. Those who apply for this position are activists for social change, eager to encourage others to take their part in ending social injustices worldwide. 

GFG Campaign Ambassadors will promote GFG content on their personal social media to raise awareness about communities in need within our 8 partner countries; Bali/Indonesia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Haiti, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, United States. 

Furthermore, GFG Campaign Ambassadors advocate for one of GFG’s campaigns within their personal network, encouraging others to learn more about GFG funds and give donations which will be distributed to grassroots, BIPOC-led organizations worldwide. 

Through collaborative advocacy with GFG as a Campaign Ambassador, we can grow our networks together and serve more organizations in order to expand our impact on communities facing discrimination, oppression, and social injustices. 

The Campaigns:

Each GFG Campaign is designed to promote, educate others on, and encourage donations for one of GFG’s four funds:

Gender-Based Violence Fund 

Gender Based Violence Fund (GBV) was created to support community and youth organizations, which are BIPOC-led in the Global South who are helping to research, respond to, advocate against, and eradicate gender based violence against girls of color with an emphasis on sexual violence, abuse, assault and rape of minors. Gender based violence includes physical abuse, mental/emotional abuse, financial abuse, sexual abuse, religious abuse, political abuse, and intimate partner violence. Read more about the GBV Fund here.

Birth Justice Fund

The Birth Justice fund aims to provide additional resources to the birth justice movement and support BIPOC-led, grassroots organizations who are responding to, researching, and serving women of color to reduce or eliminate negative birth outcomes in women of color, young women and infants with an emphasis on programs that center doula and midwifery care, support and training. Birth justice, which falls under the umbrella of Reproductive Justice, centers the belief that all personas can birth and be parents as desired. Read more about the Birth Justice Fund here

Children in Crisis: Rapid Response Fund

The Children in Crisis: Rapid Response Fund (Rapid Response Fund) provides emergent monetary support to grassroot organizations responding to children in crisis worldwide. The Rapid Response Fund focuses on supporting the needs of children during high volume crises where the focus is typically on adults. Support is made through flexible rapid response grants, on the ground networks, crisis models specifically for children’s needs and stabilization. The fund focuses on six key areas of Health, Disability Justice, Education, Poverty (including Food & Shelter), Climate, and Racial Justice. Furthermore, the Rapid Response fund emphasizes the advocacy, resources, and support needed for children of color, who are 61% more likely to experience traumatic events during childhood. Read more about the Rapid Response Fund here.

Family & Caregiver Leadership Fund

The Family and Caregiver Leadership Fund (Family Fund) provides support to grassroot organizations who service parenting/caregiver groups of color and their children. The fund focuses on supporting family stabilization; support from the family for girls/youth who have been in crisis, and parent groups and families who engage in community activism and organizing for issues relevant to their family and communities. The fund is also interested in equitable family policies and advocacy efforts around family equity & justice including resources for disadvantaged mothers and parents from vulnerable populations. Furthermore, this fund aims to target vulnerable populations of children with aid and support to better their lives, and to set them up for success in the future, by working to eliminate the threat of violence and other environmental circumstances that may place them in times of crisis. Read more about the Family Fund here.

5 Reasons to Join GFG as a Campaign Ambassador:

  1. A great way to advocate for social change in an area you are passionate about!
  2. Career Development: Learn skills upon digital advocacy, networking, empowering others, fundraising, and more!
  3. A valuable addition to your resume with potential for references from connections made as a GFG Campaign Ambassador.
  4. Networking Opportunity – Join a community of people passionate about advocating for  social change. 
  5. Continuous Education – An opportunity to inform yourself and others about social injustices within different communities. 

Where and When to Apply

If you are interested in helping children in crises, birthing persons, families and caregivers, and reducing gender-based violence in communities worldwide, apply to be a GFG Campaign Ambassador today! 

GFG is seeking Ambassadors for all four of the Campaigns, if you are interested in applying, read more about GFG’s funds and fill out the application found here!