Global Girls is a virtual and in-person fellowship for youth ages 14 to 18 years old. Priority is given to youth worldwide with priority given to our Partner Countries (Brazil, Bali/Indonesia, Haiti, Uganda, Dominican Republic, South Africa, and Trinidad).

Teen Fellows participate in ongoing team-building exercises and learn the following:


Youth Activism: Teens learn about youth activism and act as on-the-ground ambassadors in their home countries. All youth work on projects that engage them in public education, local and international policy, artivism, digital advocacy, community organizing, and movement building. 

Health Equity, Birth Justice & Reproductive Health: Fellows engage in interactive workshops to inform them about health disparities, infant and maternal mortality, and birth and reproductive health worldwide.

Gender & Racial Justice: Youth learn about gender safety, gender-based violence, colorism, and the intersectionality of Gender & Race.

Philanthropy: Teen Fellows learn about the history and field of philanthropy and wealth distribution. Teens take part first hand in grants administration through advisory efforts, community assessments, research, trend analysis, and grantee identification. Each cohort will participate in hands-on grant-making, while learning about community-centric philanthropy. 

Program alumni will mentor each cohort and take a more active role in grantmaking and board participation. 

Criteria:  Applicants must be gender-diverse youth or girls of color interested in birth justice, sexual violence against girls, and other global issues impacting children of color. Applicants must be fluent in English (in addition to their native/home-country languages), have access to a computer/reliable internet and be 14 to 18 years of age at the time of application.

Stipends are given to all applicants.

"When I started out with GFG I had only an idea of what GFG was about, and hadn't fully understood what it was to be a young woman in today's world. As my journey with GFG begun taking its course, I then realized that being a Woman is a blessing that often times gets taken for granted and taken advantage of. Being a Woman means finding purpose and worth in all that you are and who you are, it means fighting battles you'd never thought you would ever have to, standing uo for yourself, realizing that Power resides within every ounce of your being. Growing up in a community where woman are abused and misused, Shamed when innocent, thrown in the dirt and even murdered by people closest to them! When in reality they're only trying to get by in life, be good mothers, good daughter's and even sisters. Women trying to make it out of the "hood" and become something but tied down to family chains and negative, blightened environments they still are. GFG taught me my rights and has shown me my power as a female in this world and that all it takes to make a change is to come together and stand united as one, as sisters and fight for our lives, our future and for the younger generations still to come. Because together we are stronger! Today I can proudly lift my head higher than ever before!"
GFG Fellow

2023 Fellowship Cohort

2023 Fellows Images


We are excited to introduce the 2023 cohort of youth fellows who spent the first part of this year engaged in philanthropic activities, youth community projects and learning about Racial and Gender Justice in their communities and the United States. The youth developed presentations for the public around Birth & Reproductive Justice and Teen Pregnancy.  They formed an everlasting bond and worked during the year as a team and cohort of peers.  Listed above are:

Vitoria Santos is 15 years old and from Brazil. She plays volleyball, likes reading romance novels and watching football. She wants to study medicine to be a pediatrician.

Eduarda Dias is 16 years old and from Brazil. She likes playing handball and swimming. She wants to study law in college.

Caitlin Wymers is 17 years old and from South Africa. She is a young poet who loves painting. She wants to study culinary arts and dreams of becoming a Chef.

Khanyii Dube is 17 years old and from South Africa. She has always been passionate about children and wants to travel to other countries and teach English as a foreign language.

Carlesia Williams is 17 years old and from Trinidad and Tobago. I like to draw, dance, do nails, and watch movies. My favorite subject is Mathematics. My future plan is to become a teacher/Nail technician. Also, I would like to have various small businesses.

Rafaella Patrice is 18 years old and from Trinidad. She loves baking and doing art like painting and drawing. She plans to go to nursing school to be an RN.

Annissa Patrick is 17 years old and from Trinidad and Tobago. She is a talented musician, plays the keyboard, and loves singing. She wants to go to college to study veterinary medicine and continue pursuing photography.

Jael Samuel is 16 years old and from Trinidad and Tobago. Her favorite subject is English literature. She wants to be a pharmacist or work in business or real estate.

Medina Wynne is 18 years old and from Trinidad and Tobago.  As a little girl growing up in the Caribbean, the beach has been her favorite place, so she wants to be a marine biologist.

Anokhi Patel is 17 years old and from the United States. She is extremely interested in politics and wants to major in Political Economy or Public Policy in college.


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