Grant Seekers

Global Foundation for Girls supports community based & youth serving organizations across the United States as well as NGO’s and Charities in Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa, Trinidad, and Uganda. 

Our grantmaking focuses on bolstering and scaling community, youth and infant & maternal health organizations in the global south that are building a strong grassroots base to respond to the needs of women and children of color and children in crisis. We also support organizations that are reducing poor birthing outcomes by expanding access to community-based midwifery and doula care and engaging in birth justice advocacy. In an effort to help shift the racial disparities found in philanthropy, we primarily seek to offer general support and rapid response grants to BIPOC led and managed efficient and effective organizations doing community work on the ground. We award grants through four funds, and provide capacity building programs to grantees and non grantees.

The foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals.

GBV Fund

The Gender Based Violence Fund (GBV) aims to support community & youth organizations led by BIPOC leaders in the Global South who are helping to respond to, research, advocate against and eradicate gender based violence against girls of color with an emphasis on sexual violence, abuse, assault and rape of minors.

Birth Justice Fund

The Birth Justice fund aims to resource the birth justice movement and support organizations led by BIPOC leaders who are responding to, researching, and working with women of color to reduce or eliminate negative birth outcomes in women of color, young women and infants with an emphasis on programs that center doula and midwifery care, support and training.

Children In Crisis Rapid Response Fund

The Rapid Response Fund provides emergency response funding to grassroot organizations responding to children in crisis worldwide. The fund focuses on supporting the needs of children during high volume crises where the focus is typically on adults. Support is made through flexible rapid response grants, on the ground networks, crisis models specifically for children’s needs and stabilization. The fund focuses on six key areas of Health, Disability Justice, Education, Poverty (including Food & Shelter), Climate, and Racial Justice.

black family embracing

Family Fund

The Family Fund provides support to grassroot organizations and parenting groups of color. The fund focuses on supporting family stabilization; support from the family for girls/youth who have been in crisis, and parent groups and families who engage in community activism and organizing for issues relevant to their family and communities. The fund is also interested in equitable family policies and advocacy efforts around family equity & justice including resources for disadvantaged mothers and parents from vulnerable populations.