In Solidarity: The Gambia Women and Girls

Muslim girl looking out window

On March 18th, Gambian Lawmakers voted 42-4 in favour of advancing a bill which would repeal the ban against female genital mutilation (FGM) in the country.

Now, young Gambian girls could once again face this abominable form of gender-based violence. Our support goes out to those anti-FGM activists fighting against the repeal.

We also stand in solidarity with the girls and women of The Gambia. Those who already are, and those who are at threat of becoming victims of FGM and its severe debilitating outcomes.

By all accounts, most of the girls who undergo FGM do so by force, or based primarily on the beliefs, influence or pressure of the adults around them. There is no justification for putting girls, or women, at risk of the many dangers of the practice.

If you want to make a difference and fight against gender-based violence, here’s how to help.

Global Foundation for Girls is working to undermine gender-based violence, which remains in full force in several areas of the world, and we must do what we can to stop it as a collective effort.