About Us

Global Gears is a nonprofit training and consulting service providing organizations and companies with tools to shift their approach to diversity in the workplace. We partner with entities across the spectrum, for- and nonprofit, philanthropic and corporate, local and international, big and small. As a Global Foundation for Girls subgroup, we are well-versed in supporting Black and brown gender-diverse people and women.

Capacity Building & Consultant Services

We offer an extensive selection of capacity building and consultant services for all kinds of businesses. Our services will support your company’s infrastructure through immersive experiences over an extended timeframe. You can also learn more about our single-day workshops, webinars, or training in the ‘Training and Webinars’ tab. Contact us today for an opportunity to discuss your company’s needs for free!

Global Gears Training & Webinars

We offer free, and fee-per-services training and webinars focused on a wide range of organizational topics.
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Our parent company, Global Foundation for Girls, regularly convenes its grantees with experts in their fields to push the needle for children in crisis, gender-based violence, birth justice, and racial justice. GFG can partner with you to organize a convening of your own.