A Country Divided: Roe V. Wade Overturned

By Dyna Anderson

The U.S. Supreme Court formally overturned Roe v. Wade on Friday, June 24, 2022, stating that
the constitutional right to abortion, which had been sustained for over 50 years, was no longer valid. This decision to take away reproductive freedom is a not progressive decision; it will not protect life. This decision is not about protecting life, it is about control. The right to regulate abortion is now left up to the states. According to Guttmacher Institute, 22 of the 50 states have strict restricted access laws that either ban abortion or limit access to abortion.

As someone who is affected by this decision, this is heartbreaking. It is heartbreaking because I
would like to be able to make my own choices when it comes to my life, especially my reproductive
health. This decision will only cause families unnecessary pain. A lot of people will now have to risk their lives to get abortions. This decision will only increase the maternal mortality crisis that we are already experiencing in this country. When talking about maternal mortality, race is a significant part of the conversation. According to the National Center For Health Statistics, the maternal mortality rate for
Blacks is three times the rates for Whites. This decision will only worsen this statistic. The high maternal mortality rate for Black people is as a result of racism and the Black persons extinction agenda. More Black people will experience maternal mortality as a result of this decision. We can clearly see that there is an agenda, Congresswoman Mary Miller said that this decision is a “victory for white life”. What does that mean? If it is a “victory for life”, why is it not a victory for all life? Why is it only a “victory for white life”?

This decision will impact people who are currently experiencing poverty. People who are experiencing poverty, most likely will not be able to afford to go to a state where abortion is legal. They are compelled to choose between going to an unsafe source or bringing a child into the world whom they will not be able to provide for. For people with low incomes, this is inevitable. An Economic Study at Brookings concluded that low-income individuals are five times more likely to have an unintended pregnancy.

We deserve autonomy! We deserve to have reproductive freedom! We deserve to be a part of the decisions that are being made on our behalf! Roe v. Wade needs to be restored and we need to be a part of it! To learn more, join our free webinar and panel discussion on reproductive freedom on July 21 at 12pm EST. RSVP at [email protected].

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