GFG Campaign Ambassadors

What is it to be a GFG Campaign Ambassador?

A Global Foundation for Girls (GFG) Campaign Ambassador is someone who is passionate to educate others about, advocate for, and raise donations for one of GFG’s 4 funds; Caregiver & Leadership Fund, Children in Crisis Fund, Gender-Based Violence Fund, and/or Birth Justice Fund. Those who apply for this position are activists for social change, eager to encourage others to take their part in ending social injustices worldwide. 

Campaign Ambassadors will promote GFG content on their personal social media to raise awareness about communities in need within our 8 partner countries; Bali/Indonesia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Haiti, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, United States. 

Furthermore, GFG Campaign Ambassadors advocate for one of GFG’s campaigns within their personal network, encouraging others to learn more about GFG funds and give donations which will be distributed to grassroots, BIPOC-led organizations worldwide. 

Through collaborative advocacy with GFG as a Campaign Ambassador, we can grow our networks together and serve more organizations in order to expand our impact on communities facing discrimination, oppression, and social injustices. 

Learn More About Our Funds:

5 Reasons to Join

  1. A great way to advocate for social change in an area you are passionate about!
  2. Career Development: Learn skills upon digital advocacy, networking, empowering others, fundraising, and more!
  3. A valuable addition to your resume with potential for references from connections made as a GFG Campaign Ambassador.
  4. Networking Opportunity – Join a community of people passionate about advocating for  social change. 
  5. Continuous Education – An opportunity to inform yourself and others about social injustices within different communities. 

How to Join

If you are interested in joining as a GFG Campaign Ambassador, please follow these steps:

  1. Read about each of our campaigns

  2. Fill our our Campaign Ambassador Application


Once you have been approved as a GFG Ambassador, you will be asked to…

  1. Set up your GFG Campaign Ambassador account! (link provided upon approval)
  2. Read through the Ambassador Toolkit (provided upon approval) for pertinent information.
  3. Download our designs and share them on your social media, or create your own!